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Home Insurance for Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

Your house is the largest investment you may ever make in your life. You want adequate coverage for your home and possessions in case of unforeseen damage and loss as a result of an insured peril. From the moment you own your own home, you want to enough insurance to cover any major repairs or total replacement.

Consult with a licensed broker at R. K. Wilson Insurance Services Inc. about the most appropriate policy for your home’s size, location, contents and safety measures. Serving homeowners in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick for more than 25 years, we will assist you with choosing comprehensive coverage, including:

  • House & attached structures

  • Your family’s personal property

  • Liability coverage for negligence

Renters in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Need Insurance Too

If you rent, your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your possessions or liability for a guest’s accidental injury. Protect yourself from liability lawsuits and the cost of replacing possessions lost to fire, theft or other disaster. Contact R. K. Wilson Insurance Services in Enfield to find the tenant insurance that fits your needs.

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